Audi A3 Memory

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Audi A3 Memory GamePlay:

Would you like to participate in a fascinating puzzle game of Audi A3 Memory at ABC ya game? Challenge your intelligence and find all the same pictures of Audi A3 Memory online game now! How many levels can you pass? It all depends on your ability to observe! 

Audi A3 Memory at Abcya games online is one of the most interesting and attractive puzzle games which thousands of the players around the world played it many times. This game not only helps you relax but it also stimulates observation and memory skills. You can learn while playing and improve many skills in life. Do you dare to conquer this game?

Before starting this game, you can choose 1 of 3 levels such as level 1 (Easy 4.2), level 2 (Medium 6.3), level 3 (Hard 8.4). Each level is equivalent to different levels of difficulty. The difficulty level will be increased significantly after each level. If you are a new player, I recommend that you should choose level 1 to get used to the gameplay and practice other skills. 

As you have seen, many pieces have been obscured by the content and image of the picture on the screen. Your task is to open the picture and find two identical pictures in each level. Each picture will only be opened in a few seconds, so you have to observe very quickly and remember the image on each picture in the game at Abcya

To find two similar pictures, you need to look carefully and remember quickly before they are covered. In this game, you will not have any time limits, so you don’t have to rush to make decisions. Try your best to complete each mission with the least number of turns at Abcya games

A good tip for you is that you can memorize the color of the picture and position it on the screen to find the same pictures. In particular, at higher levels, the number of pieces would be significantly increased. This means that the size of each picture will be reduced. This can make it difficult for you to observe. Ready to conquer this game???

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How to play?

Play the game by using your left mouse in the game. 

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