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Starve.ioc(Starveio) is the most fun-addicting multiplayer online IO game at ABCya. In you are completely by your own in the middle of the woods and you have only one object in mind: survive. You start with nothing but your bare hands, so start crafting resources such as wood and food. Build tools to craft other resources and to protect yourself from wild animals. But be careful, other players are also trying to see another day, and they might not be so friendly with you. So hunt, craft, light fire, fight and be strong, specially during the dark and cold nights full of danger. Enjoy Starveio!

Controls: WASD = move, Mouse = craft / attack / build

Have you ever imagined that you would live in a strange forest filled with traps of death? No food, no money, no house, no water, and even no tent to live. Is it scary, right? Do you dare to join this forest and challenge yourself with game at It is the time to prove to the world that you are a talented player here.


Your biggest mission is to defeat waves of monsters such as spiders, animals or toxic pigs on the way. Take every opportunity to collect energy resources and build a base to protect yourself in the dark nights in the mysterious forest. Don’t forget to avoid the spider if not your body will become a nest for spider eggs. To conquer this cool game, you should remember some rules below.


Use arrow keys or WASD to move, left click to collect resources and craft, right click to cancel crafting, right click/shift plus click to delete items, enter to chat with players around you, shift to add items 10 per 10, R to auto –feed, Y to zoom the minimap, P to show spectators in hunger game mode. Awaken your talent and enjoy this game at now!