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Black holes can’t actually be alive and they can’t move from this place to that place in the real life. However, in Hole.io, these deadly holes can slide around and eat everything, even people. The game is a real-time battle of various black holes. You and other people engage in a battle to find out who is the biggest black hole. Put the dangers of the death hole to one side, let's enjoy hours of fun with them in this game.

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Besides, you have only 2 minutes to be the biggest one in each match. When the time runs out, who has the highest score is the winner. So, let’s move around the city, through every corner to absorb all kinds of things you see on your way to get bigger. Show them who is the biggest hole in the city. Have fun! Enjoy more games available at Classic Snake.io and Warfare Royale .io


use your mouse to play.

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